Ice, Ice, Baby!


By Lenny Jay
Photo by Jeff “Turbo” Corrigan

(Published in the December 2010 issue)

What’s the coolest thing you can do by the beach? If bartender Jenica Martin has anything to do with it, it’s having a drink at Bar West in PB. And whether you’ve been naughty or nice, when Martin’s the one filling your stockings, you can count on getting a lump of cold.

This resourceful night owl spends her days working at Hooters. When the world gives her lemons, she makes Lemon Drop shots. And when it doesn’t give her icicles, she makes her own-well, at least she can put a chill in the air.

Before the frost settles, everybody freeze for a quick Q&A.

Born: January 6, 1986
Home Town: Walnut Creek, California (near San Francisco)
Lives: Crown Point
Favorite Burger: Rocky’s, in Crown Point
Knowledge: B.A. in Communications, Cal. State San Marcos

Confessions: “I’m a klutz. I haven’t fallen yet, but I admit to breaking a ton of stuff behind the bar. I also do a really bad job at hiding my facial expressions when I’m angry.”

Accolades: “Our general manager gave me ‘The Smartest Girl at Hooters’ award at one of our employee meetings. It’s a constant joke.”

Celeb Sightings: “UFC fighters and all the Chargers come to Bar West every Sunday.”

You left your keys in Santa’s sleigh, and now you’re stuck at the North Pole until he’s done with his deliveries. What food, drink, song and celebrity would you like to help keep you warm?

“Velveeta mac ‘n’ cheese, mimosas, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and Tatum Channing.”

What holiday gift would you like most this year?: “A Blue Pit Bull girl puppy named Sprinkles.”

Bar West, 959 Hornblend Street, PB,
858.273.WEST (9378),