Go, Fish!

Photo by Brevin Blach(Published in the April 2010 issue)

There are many fish in the sea, but only one who tends bar at Float, Hard Rock’s pool-level bar and outdoor concert venue. Brian Holland Fish, 26, has been in the bar industry since age 15.

“By 30 or 32, my goal is to own and operate my own nightclub/bar,” he says.

On the road to that dream, Fish will be living another: this spring and summer, he’ll be behind the bar at Float for Intervention Sundays. San Diego’s equivalent to the infamous Rehab pool parties at the Hard Rock in Vegas, Intervention features booming music from top-name DJs, plus sun, cocktails and insanity, and minus clothing and inhibition.


What’s the best thing about bartending at Intervention?

Fish: The best part would have to be the scenery and the constant good concerts that I get to witness while working.

How much will you make in tips each week?

Fish: Umm...not sure I want to talk about that; it’s pretty damn good. On a big Sunday, like Memorial Day or Labor Day, it might be upwards of six hundred to a thousand dollars.

What will be different about you at the end of the season?

Fish: Other than the fact that I’ll be a lot better off financially, I’m just gonna have a whole lot of better memories.

Tell Fish he owes you a drink for reading about him. He’ll be pouring the good times with the help of his his colleagues (pictured) at the April 18 kickoff of Intervention Sundays,