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Movies and cocktails-that’s the ticket

By Ida Rosenberg
Photo by Kristina Yamamoto

Stefanie Holmes sees a piece of the action. She also sees the tear-jerkers, chick flicks and comedies.

“I’d love to be a movie star,” says the action sports lover from Seattle, “but only if I could get a role in a romantic comedy with Paul Walker.”

Walker starred in The Fast and the Furious series. Holmes is the star behind the bar at the new Cinépolis luxury cinema in La Costa, where she helps moviegoers cool off before (and during) summer’s scorching blockbusters.

The adults-only theaters at Cinépolis lavish customers with plush reclining lounge chairs and in-seat cocktail and food service. From fresh sushi and succulent short rib to cucumber martinis and cold beer, the movie-time menu selections are as diverse as the films listed on the marquis. For traditionalists, there’s popcorn-butter, light, caramel and spicy chili. As for the drink Holmes would serve Walker: “Sex on the Beach, of course.”

Time to dim the lights...

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(Stefanie Holmes on movies)

Best movie ever: Jackass
Worst movie ever: Glitter
Scares the crap out of me: It
Makes me cry: Lorax
Makes me laugh: 21 Jump Street
Best male actor: Chuck Norris
Best female actor: Charlize Theron
Sexiest male actor: Brad Pitt and Paul Walker combo.
Sexiest female actor: Angelina Jolie
Best thing to eat during a drama: Chocolate
Best drink for an action flick: Red Bull/vodka-it gives you wings.

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas

Del Mar Highlands
12905 El Camino Real, Del Mar

La Costa
6941 El Camino Real, Carlsbad