‘Deck the Walls’ skate deck art gets ‘in your face’ at Bar Basic


Skate fans and art lovers unite on Dec. 27 for the fourth annual “Deck the Walls” skate deck art show at Bar Basic in East Village. Presented by Thumbprint Gallery and sponsored by local company Sk8ology, the exhibition features over 20 artists and nearly 40 works for purchase.

Perfectly situated in an urban environment, the stark concrete walls of Basic provide both the perfect visual counterpoint and sensation of sidewalks to the vibrant color and imagined movement of the decks. We spoke with Paul Ecdao of Thumbprint Gallery for the inside scoop:

PACIFIC: What is the inspiration of the show?

PAUL ECDAO: As with most of the pop-up shows we curate at Bar Basic, we try to challenge artists to adapt their styles to a variety of themes and mediums.

How many years has “Deck the Walls” exhibited?

This will be our fourth year doing “Deck the Walls,” but we have featured artwork on skate decks in other past shows, just not as a central theme.

How did you team up with Sk8ology?

I found out about them at a group art show that I participated in as an artist and eventually decided to reach out to them once I had an opportunity to curate my own skate deck show.

Are all of the artists local to San Diego County?


What is the range of the artists (painters, tattoo artists, muralists, etc.)?

The majority of the artists we feature in this show, in particular, tend to have more graphic design background, but we do have artists that produce murals and fine art paintings. There is so much overlap with artists constantly experimenting in a variety of disciplines, and that’s a really good thing as they challenge themselves and refine their work.

Who are a few must-see artists at the show?

Chris Rosa is a great local stencil artist whose intricate hand-cut stencil work is always impressive to see in person. Another fun artist to see is E.VIL, who, in the past, carved a skate deck into the shape of a box cutter, something I’m sure fellow stencil artists can appreciate.

How do people respond to inventive art shows like this?

Two awesome responses we get are “When is the next one?!” and “How can I participate in upcoming shows?”

Favorite skater?

Gou Miyagi

Favorite skateboard brand?

Sector 9. They sponsored the show last year!

Best skate park in San Diego?

Charles L. Lewis III Memorial Skate Park

“Deck the Walls” runs Tuesday, Dec. 27 from 7 p.m. to midnight. All ages until 9:30 p.m., 21 and older afterward. No cover. Bar Basic is located at 410 10th Ave., East Village. For more information, call (619) 531-8869 or visit

For more on Thumbprint Gallery, visit or call (619) 531-8869. For more on Sk8ology, visit