Club Flamingo to make a splash on May 1


There’s no denying it; San Diego’s summer pool party scene has dramatically changed in the past couple of years. Let’s just say the parties have matured a little, just like us (well, some of us).

The newest addition to hit San Diego’s bikini-clad crowds is Club Flamingo, a classy throwback affair going down on Sundays starting May 1.

Club Flamingo will be shimmying into LOUNGEsix at the Hotel Solamar, a pristine pool with ample room for mingling and grooving. From noon to 6 p.m. throughout summer, the stylish celebration will welcome the bikinis, cosmopolitan cocktails and VIP cabanas.

The vibe of this party will be largely defined by the types of DJs headlining. RMD Group is bringing in deep house and tropical house beats, seeking something a tad more mellow than our pool parties of yesteryear.

Adam Salter, Dirty Prado, Dyluxe, Erick Diaz, Gabe Vega, Holy Rollers, Huy Believe, Lanna B, OSM, Pistol Monkey, Sulvida and Tropixx will lead the lineup in May, with more names to be announced soon.

Room packages will be available at Hotel Solamar. Apparently pool boys too, according to the website, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Tickets to the party will run about $10-15. For more information and tickets, visit

Source: DiscoverSD