Christmas Presence

Photo by Kate and Michael Auda

Just in time for the holidays, the folks behind Verant Group - owners and operators of Tavern at the Beach (PB), Sandbar Sports Grill ( Mission Beach), True North Tavern ( North Park), Uptown Tavern ( Hillcrest) and barleymash (Gaslamp) - announce they have some new tricks up their stockings.

Having recently inked a deal to purchase and reinvent Pacific Beach Bar & Grill, the San Diego restaurant-and-bar company is now set to break ground on a venue that’s sure to be the talk of the town when it opens in Carmel Valley’s new Pacific Highlands Ranch this coming spring.

For now, Verant is staying tight-lipped about the hotspot-to-be’s name and theme, but one thing it’s sure to feature is plenty of bartenders. Famous for serving big crowds fun in the form of top-notch food, beer and cocktails (not necessarily in that order), Verant always staffs enough pour people to keep the good times flowing and the repeat customers flocking back.

Pictured here are 28 members of Verant’s legion of bartenders, some of whom may call the new location home. Raise a glass, say a cheer but be patient... this gift to North County won’t be unwrapped until April.

Venue name: TBA
5965 Village Way, Carmel Valley

1) Tyler Tremor, Tavern at the Beach
2) Becca Trapp, Sandbar Sports Grill
3) Devyn Allison, Tavern at the Beach
4) Eric Arroyo, Uptown Tavern
5) Carley Kukowski, Tavern at the Beach
6) Zac Tankersley, Uptown Tavern
7) Willem Van Leuven, Sandbar Sports Grill
8) Krista Barrella, Tavern at the Beach
9) Nick Criscione, Uptown Tavern
10) Zac Buddenberg, Uptown Tavern
11) Grace Kehoe, Tavern at the Beach
12) Amy Adams, True North Tavern
13) Ashley Teixeira, Tavern at the Beach
14) Jeffrey Capps, True North Tavern
15) Simone Schader, True North Tavern
16) Ashley Geary, barleymash
17) Amy Patterson, barleymash
18) Mulunesh Miley, Uptown Tavern
19) Austin Coriell, Tavern at the Beach
20) Travis Enos, barleymash
21) Alexandria Wade, barleymash
22) Kasi Klapakis, Tavern at the Beach
23) Kyle Herman, barleymash
24) Ian Titus, True North Tavern
25) Emily Zeidler, barleymash
26) Will Quesenberry, True North Tavern
27) Jessica Collica, Tavern at the Beach
28) CJ Hockersmith, Tavern at the Beach