Bringing the Heat


By Seth Combs
Photos by Brevin Blach

When “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire,” it’s Jayson Summers’ job to put it out. As a captain for the San Diego Fire Department, he takes those old Bloodhound Gang lyrics to heart. But when the sun goes down and the trucks are put away, he moonlights as one of Downtown’s hottest DJs-one who knows how to bring the heat.

“Saving people and helping people is what I live and die for,” says Summers. “At night, you need something to do, and sharing your music is just another way to touch people’s lives. I realize it’s kind of an odd combination.”

Growing up in Ventura, California, he moved to San Diego for college and says his whole mindset was changed when he was 21 and saw trance DJ Christopher Lawrence perform at the downtown club On Broadway.

“I had no idea what he was doing up there. I was intrigued,” says Summers. “I pushed my way up to the front to get a better look and I was blown away.”

Shortly thereafter, Summers bought his own turntables. Just four years later, he has already become a staple of the downtown club scene, headlining everywhere from the Hard Rock Hotel to Andaz to Voyeur and Stingaree.

“I really pursue that filthy, grungy electro-house sound,” he says. “Dirty, sexy, X-rated type of music that makes people want to get crazy.”

Summers’ first album, Bath Time, takes its name from a comment a female go-go dancer made about his music being so sexy that she had to take a bath after listening to it.

“I want people to feel the same way I felt when I heard that music [at On Broadway],” says Summers. “When they’re into it, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. That’s what makes me work twice as hard. I’m trying to deliver that feeling.”