Body Shots


By Lorena Nava Ruggero
Photo By Brevin Blach

(Published in the June 2010 issue


In case it’s never gotten her preferential treatment before, Brooke Thompson’s physique has now earned her a spot in PacificSD‘s body issue. The former dance teacher is tan, ripped and has no fear when it comes to showing off her body-working out for an hour five times a week can do that.

But in this case, beauty isn’t only skin deep-with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Arizona State University, Thompson is just as comfortable having a deep conversation as she is wearing revealing outfits as a bartender at the recently opened Fluxx in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Thompson calls her workplace a “very different nightclub for San Diego.” Featuring a circular design with revolving themes (the theme right now is an appropriately flower-filled “pollination” for spring), it seems to live up to its slogan, “a club of constant change.”

“It’s more like a Miami or Vegas kind of spot,” Thompson says. “There’s always something huge happening and, with bartending, you’re constantly in the middle of it. I love that.”

And she should know-Thompson has seen her fair share of San Diego’s increasingly hot nightclub scene in the two and-a-half years she’s lived here, having worked at Stingaree and other downtown bars prior to her current gig.

Now, she works with what she calls the “best of the best” at Fluxx, where there’s a seemingly endless flow of energy.
From the acrobatic go-go dancers who perform with fire, giant albino pythons and other props, to regular celebrity sightings, including Usher in May, Ludacris in April and football star Reggie Bush at the March opening, the place never stops.

Thompson has no trouble keeping pace with the action. Her fitness helps her maintain stamina and speed, both of which are crucial on the busy weekend nights when the popular club is open. Like other bartenders, she prefers making quick and easy drinks, including her own personal favorite Grey Goose and water, but, given the time to be creative, she likes making fruit-muddled martinis.

But Thompson knows all too well that creativity has its limits, especially when it comes to the bad pick-up lines she hears every night.

“What’s really crazy to me is that each guy will say something that I’ve heard a 100 times,” she says. “And they really believe that it’s witty and that they’re the first ones that have ever thought of it. I can’t tell you how may times I hear, ‘Okay, me and my friend have a bet...’ That’s almost always the start to a disastrous comment.”