Body Shots


By Pat Sherman
Photos by Brevin Blach

(Published in the February 2011 issue)

When you’re pouring drinks without a shirt on, pickup lines are part of the game.

“It just comes with the territory,” says Timothy Giebel. “It’s kind of a safe thing to hit on the bartender, because nothing’s going to happen.”

Giebel has been behind the bar at Rich’s in Hillcrest since the early 2000s. Rich’s is a predominantly gay club, but Giebel says it has attracted an increasingly diverse crowd over the past decade.

“It’s really mixed almost every single night of the year,” he says. “In Seattle the scene is very integrated. It’s more about the music than sexuality. When I moved down here I was shocked at how segregated it was-but I’ve seen it really progress.”

When not serving up Jäger-bombs or knocking back shots of Hornitos Tequila (his drink of choice), Giebel spends his time making babies-well, sort of.

“Rich’s is my mainstay, but I’ve got my fingers and toes in other projects,” he says. “I bought a horse for breeding purposes about three months ago.”

As much fun as he has when he’s off the clock, Giebel says he’s always content to get back in the saddle at work.

“A lot of us have been at Rich’s for more than nine years, so we’ve all grown up together,” he says. “I get paid to play, to hang out with my friends.”

How could you say “Neigh” to a gig like that?

Rich’s San Diego
1051 University Avenue, Hillcrest