Blondes Away!

By Michael Benninger / Photos by Tim King

BFFs since 2008, Kim Stone (pictured in white tank top) and Natasha Ross (blue tank top) sling drinks on the boardwalk at PB Shore Club, “Where Grand Meets the Sand,” as the mega-popular beach bar’s slogan goes.

“When I met Kim, my first thought was, ‘Wow, she must have back problems, due to her ample, um... assets,’” says Ross. “But then I thought, ‘With my astounding wit and her perverted humor, we’re definitely gonna be good friends.’ She’s like a sister to me now.” Stone has similar feelings about her behind-the-counter counterpart.

“When I met Tash, I thought, ‘This girl is almost as funny as me and she talks just as much as I do,’” she says. “We have such
similar personalities and got along right away. We finish each other’s sentences all the time. It’s so weird.”

“Everyone jokes that we should have a reality show,” says Ross, “but then our families would disown us and we’d likely be unhirable in any future careers. We’re that inappropriate.”

When these two get together, every day is an adventure. Today, PacificSD is sending them to the San Gabriel Mountains, northwest of San Bernardino, where they’ll bungee jump from The Bridge to Nowhere.

After a two-hour drive from San Diego, Stone and Ross meet their guides from Bungee America at a campground located five

miles from the bridge. Then, after hiking over the water and through the woods for another two hours, they arrive at the jump site, gear up and go - plummeting from 120 feet above the San Gabriel River.

“Looking down at the water 10 stories below, I heard the encouragement of everyone around me as they counted down to my
jump,” says Stone after catching her breath. “As I leaped, I thought, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ It was, however, an incredible feeling, jumping into the air at that speed. I’ve swum with sharks, backpacked alone in several countries and rappelled down a mountain in a remote Colombian village, but this, by far, is the scariest thing I’ve ever done.”

Things went less smoothly for Ross.

“Getting over the ledge and onto the small platform was the hardest part,” she says. “I was just paralyzed and had to have the instructors lift my leg over for me. It’s an insane experience, looking down over the canyon at the water. I was laughing and screaming and shaking like some kind of weirdo, and at the same time had tears in my eyes. I didn’t soil myself, so that was a plus.”

Unlike many of the cocktails they pour, Stone and Ross managed to stay off the rocks in the San Gabriel River. While ordering a drink from them at PB Shore Club might seem like taking a leap of faith, at least they’d probably be down to join in any adventure that might ensue.

PB Shore Club
4343 Ocean Blvd., Pacific Beach

Bungee America