Bar None

By Seth Combs
Photo by Jeff Corrigan

(Published in July 2010 Issue)

Not everyone finds their niche. Errol Asuncion has found about seven.

Asuncion isn’t fickle, it’s just that his interests extend way beyond the not one or two, but three different San Diego venues where he tends bar. On Tuesday nights, he’s at Typhoon Saloon in Pacific Beach; the next night, he’s pouring at Side Bar in Downtown for the club’s packed industry night. Oh, did we mention he moonlights at the ever-changing Fluxx nightclub as well?

In what spare time he has, Asuncion runs Fortune Industries with his buddy Jason Herrick. Born five years ago as a clothing company, Fortune has since expanded to producing nightlife events, launching a record label and even setting up a children’s charity. Asuncion also dabbles in surfing and cooking, but he’s quick to add that “90 percent of the time, I’m out at the club, either working or rocking out.”

PacificSD: Do you ever sleep?
Asuncion: [Laughs] That is something that escapes me more than anything else. I probably average four hours a night-maybe. People always ask me if I even do anything for fun. I always tell them that my job is what I do for fun.

This may be a tough one, but which bar is the best to work at?
Side Bar is my favorite, because myself and one of the other bar managers came up with the industry night on Wednesdays, and it has become a huge success. At Typhoon, it’s always fresh faces. And Fluxx, I mean, what can I say? That place is amazing.

Ever worn a Fortune shirt to work and gotten a compliment from a customer?
Sure, but one of the coolest stories was when I was in Vegas. I’m standing in the line for Jet, and this guy comes up to me and says, ‘San Diego!’ And I was like, ‘Yeah!’ He worked there and took care of us the rest of the night. It’s almost like, now, when you wear a Fortune shirt in Vegas or certain places, people will ask you if you’re from San Diego.

What’s the craziest event Fortune’s ever thrown?
Oh, man, one of the bigger ones that we’ve done is, for the past three years, we’ve taken over the entire Del Mar Marriot-the whole property-and thrown a 30-hour party. It goes from New Year’s Eve all the way to the evening of New Year’s Day. People get crazy, but everyone has a good time.

What’s the biggest tip you’ve received?
“It was $5,000, when Iworked at Stingaree. Five years ago, back when real estate was booming, this guy handed me the money and told me he had a great time. It was pretty amazing.

Where’s your favorite food spot to nurse a hangover?
Rubicon Deli in Mission Beach-great atmosphere for a long, hungover Sunday. Get the Spicy Tuna sandwich.