Bacon Week: Old fashioned cocktail

Soda & Swine's Old Fashioned. Photo from Medium Raw Arts
Soda & Swine’s Old Fashioned. Photo from Medium Raw Arts

When you can’t decide if your drink cravings are salty or sweet, and thus choosing from a cocktail list is endlessly annoying, turn to Soda & Swine at Liberty Station in Point Loma. Appealing to indecisive folks, their old fashioned joins two opposite forces in a perfectly seamless union. The savory-sweet version of the classic cocktail uses Henry McKenna bourbon, brown sugar cola syrup, and bacon-infused Angostura bitters, garnished with an orange twist. It’s a cocktail that answers our postmodern dilemma of choice and lets us be cool bourbon drinkers while simultaneously answering to our sweet tooth, and an insatiable desire for all things bacon.

Soda & Swine at Liberty Station: 2750 Dewey Road, Liberty Station,

Source: DiscoverSD