Bacon Week: House-smoked bacon


Is there such a thing as too much bacon? The answer will always be no, though you will definitely eat too much of this carefully prepared hunk of pork belly more than once in your lifetime. And no, it’s not your fault, because it’s everywhere, testing your will power with every waft in places never before dreamed.

San Diego eateries have answered the desperate cries of swine lovers by applying the beloved meat - whose aroma is known to make even the staunchest of vegetarians weak-kneed - to the far-reaching corners of culinary possibilities, right on down to a good ol’ classic B.L.T. If you love the stuff, too, then get out and indulge in San Diego Bacon Week with this wide range of swine-worshipping grub.

House-smoked bacon menu at Mother’s Saloon

Smack dab on Bacon Street, did Mother’s Saloon ever have a crack at being a vegan hangout? Hell no - instead, the owners of this beloved dive bar pay homage to its geographical identity by devoting an entire section of the menu to house-smoked bacon delights.

Options range from traditional, like the super-meaty B.L.T., to the Wednesday special - stoner-enticing charbroiled sliders ($2 each) with bacon, cheese, pickles and crunchy peanut butter-slathered buns. It would be silly to expect anything less from this classic OBecian sports bar-music venue, but there’s more: From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday you can score any full-sized burger - yes, even with bacon!-plus fries and a beer for only 10 bucks.

2228 Bacon St., Ocean Beach. (619) 221-8100 or

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