Analogging On


By Scott McDonald

Leeds-born DJ/composer George Evelyn, aka Nightmares on Wax, has been making groundbreaking electronic albums for nearly 25 years. His music reflects his strong ties to the hip-hop and break-dancing culture, as well as his being influenced by the rave movement of the late-80s and early ‘90s.

By infusing drum-machine beats into the organic sounds of soul, jazz and funk, Evelyn has created his own version of the EDM genre known as Laid Back.

Now, having taken a five-year hiatus from recording while hosting the weekly “Wax The Jam” party at Las Dalias, Ibiza’s oldest nightclub, Evelyn has released his seventh full-length album, Feelin’ Good.

“I wanted to take my time with this album,” he says. “I wanted to live with the music and really ask what I had to say for myself. And the answer came from the heart: everyone’s sovereign right to feel good. It’s available to anybody and is just a thought away. So making music like that, and thinking like that, has been a joy.”

A six-piece incarnation of Nightmares on Wax is currently on a 22-date tour to promote Feelin’ Good. Its December 2 stop at Belly Up marks the group’s second U.S. and first San Diego show ever.

While this might be local fans’ only chance to catch the live show, it’s certainly not the last time they’ll hear from George Evelyn.

“I believe in the art form,” he says. “And I believe in the manipulation of sound. I want to make the perfect marriage between the analog and the digital. My mission is to bring them together.”

12/2: Nightmares on Wax @ Belly Up Tavern,