5 places for spiced up cocktails, beers


In San Diego, we like it spicy. Give us eggs, a burrito, or pork in any form, and we are squirting on the hot sauce or asking for extra jalapenos on the side. Here a few options from our local cocktail and craft beer creators for turning up the heat in liquid form:

Ballast Point Brewing

Talk about a craft brewery who loves their spice! This San Diego powerhouse is known for their liquid obsession with all things peppery. Try their Habanero Sculpin (so hot!), Serrano Pale Ale, Jalapeño Smoke Screen, or their intimidating Ghost Pepper line, which includes Sculpin, Victory at Sea (with Cocoa Nibs), and Dorado Double IPA. Milk back anyone?

Stone Brewing

Not one to shy away from anything, Stone takes on high-intensity peppers and dominates taste buds with their creations. Ruination IPA with Habanero was a hot take on a classic, while the Crime and Punishment beers took spice to a whole new level. According to Beer Pulse, Stone included red and green jalapeño, Fatali, Caribbean Red Hot, Habanero, Ghost, Black Naga, Super, Moruga Scorpion, 7 Pot, Aji Amarillo, Scorpion, Giant White Habanero, 7 Pot Douglah and Douglah peppers into Lukcy Basartd and Double Bastard beers to create two demonically spicy brews. Stay tuned for their next installment, sure to be around the corner.

Lion’s Share

Always a hot spot for inventive dishes and drinks, the Lion’s Share is a must hit for cocktail lovers. Their Smokin’ Herbs offering is for the fans of the smoky and spicy, concocted with Chili-infused mezcal, yellow Chartreuse, tequila, agave, and lime.

Sycamore Den

Mixologist Eric Johnson always has amazing cocktails on the menu in Normal Heights. Heat up your Bingo game with his Genever Lopez, made with blanco tequila, Genever, lime, and BDW (Boy Drinks World) Serrano Spice Bitters.

Banker’s Hill Bar + Restaurant

One of their most popular cocktails on the menu, Christian Siglin’s The Stalker is a tribute to San Diego’s passion for the spicy. Made with Jalapeño-infused tequila, lime, celery syrup, and smoked salt, it’s a perfect warm up for an evening out.

So whether it’s craft beer or cocktails, get out there and show your fiery San Diego spirit and feel the burn.


Source: DiscoverSD