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50-year-old elephant dies at San Diego Zoo

One of the most popular animals at our Zoo has to be the elephants. Sadly, Ranchipur, a 50-year-old male Asian elephant, passed away on Tuesday. The animal’s health had been deteriorating, so after much support and no response to medical treatment, the team decided to end his suffering with euthanasia. Ranchipur celebrated his 50th birthday this year and had outlived the lifespan for elephants of his kind. We’ll miss you, Ranchipur!

San Diego’s most scenic restaurants are...

There is no doubt in our mind that San Diego is one of America’s most beautiful cities. Hell, we even dare to call ourself America’s Finest City.

With that said, OpenTable just announced the top 100 most scenic restaurants in America for 2016, which includes several amazing San Diego spots.

In no particular order, the chosen San Diego restaurants include: Poseidon, The Marine Room, Jake’s Del Mar, SEA180 Coastal Tavern, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse, Il Fornaio and Bertrand at Mister A’s.

Downtown Nordstrom closes after 31 years

The popular department store at the Westfield Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego is scheduled to close at 6 p.m. today. The store has been at the mall since it opened, 31 years ago. According to Jamie Nordstrom, the store’s closure is due to a lack of performance and the chain’s business needs. The mall has not yet announced what their plans are for the space in the future.

Joey Bosa and Chargers drama comes to a head

The Chargers are no stranger to turmoil or drama with players. In fact, there isn’t much shock to Chargers fans and non-Chargers fans that the issues of Joey Bosa’s rookie season are still not settled (all of which involve payment, promises and contract agreements gone awry.) The conflict between the Chargers losing out on their highest rookie draft in 18 years and Bosa losing out on his money and potentially his next draft, has proven only one thing: everyone involved seems to be unwavering and quite stubborn. Can’t we just move on and come to an agreement? What do you think? Is Joey Bosa right or are the Chargers right in the heated situation?

Source: DiscoverSD