Meatless Monday: Vegan ramen from Tajima


What is it? Vegan ramen

Where is it from?Tajima

What’s in it? Soy-based soup with corn, asparagus, mixed greens, kaiware, mushroom, deep-fried tofu, sesame seeds, shredded red pepper and spinach noodles topped with black garlic oil.

How much will it cost me? $9

Why we love it? With the amount of awesome ramen spots that San Diego has to offer, it can be hard to distinguish which one is the best and most authentic. For vegan ramen, we love Tajima because it delivers a packed bowl of flavor that can stand alone as a great dish, sans meat, for cheap. The fried tofu and the generous serving of fresh vegetables and noodles make a complete meal that is both filling and tasty. This dish doesn’t skimp on that rich, salty flavor that you look forward to in a bowl of ramen, thanks to the homemade, soy-based broth. If you are vegetarian and not vegan, you can even ask to add a ramen egg to your meal for added protein and texture.

Tajma Ramen, various locations throughout San Diego.

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Source: DiscoverSD