Meatless Monday: Crispy artichoke hearts

What is it? Crispy artichoke hearts

Where is it from?OB Warehouse

What it’s in it? Fried artichoke hearts served with a grilled lemon and lemon-garlic sauce

How much will it cost me? $10

Why we love it? Artichokes are always a great go-to appetizer, but making a healthy treat a little bit naughty by frying it is necessary every now and then, right? These artichoke hearts are thick, crispy and delicious. We like that they’re not greasy, like an order of fries can be, but still give us that yummy, breaded crunch. The ultra-creamy, lemon-garlic sauce rounds out the dish and is a unique take on a traditional pairing for artichokes. This appetizer is big enough to share with a date or to enjoy for a meal.

OB Warehouse, 4839 Newport Ave., Ocean Beach.

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Source: DiscoverSD