Fit Friday: Curtsy lunge

We all love a good booty booster. The lunge is one of the top go-to moves for strengthening and tightening that tush. If you’re used to doing lunges and want to try something new, the curtsy lunge is a variation on the traditional exercise that allows you to target more than just your backside. This move helps to tone your inner thighs and smaller muscles surrounding your side booty.

Step one: Start standing with your feet hip distance apart and a dumbell in each hand with your arms glued to your body.

Step two: Place your left leg behind your right leg, crossing your thighs while bending each leg. The move should mimic a curtsy. Keep your front knee in alignment with your front foot for proper form. Return to starting position and repeat.

We challenge you to complete 3-4 rounds of 15 per side.

Once you complete your Fit Friday challenge, post a photo with the hashtag #DSDFitFriday each week to show off your hard work!

Source: DiscoverSD