Watch the ‘Steven Universe The Movie’ trailer from Comic-Con

Watch the official trailer for “Steven Universe The Movie.”


The official trailer for the upcoming “Steven Universe” movie is finally here.

The much-anticipated trailer for “Steven Universe The Movie” debuted at the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday and it was very much worth the wait. The first footage from the upcoming TV movie reveals just what Steven has been up to since the show’s Season 5 finale.

“As much as I’ve loved dismantling the empire and saving all your planets, I can’t wait to get home and spend some quality time with my friends,” says Steven in a message to the many Gems of Homeworld and beyond.

It seems that in the two years since the events of “Change Your Mind,” Steven has been busy undoing the damages inflicted during the reign of the Great Diamond Authority, and he’s ready to head back to Earth.

But his well-deserved break is interrupted by the movie’s mysterious villain who’s been teased since “Steven Universe The Movie” was announced last year.

The trailer doesn’t reveal too much about this new threat, but it’s clear that it’s up to Steven and the Crystal Gems to help save “all organic life on Earth” from impending doom.

As previously announced, “Steven Universe The Movie” will be packed with new music by creator Rebecca Sugar and collaborators such as Chance the Rapper, aivi & surasshu, Estelle, Gallant, Aimee Mann, James Fauntleroy and more. The movie’s soundtrack will get a digital and physical release.

Those already hooked on the music in the trailer are in luck. The first single from the soundtrack, “True Kinda Love,” is available now.

“Steven Universe The Movie” will premiere on Sept. 2 on Cartoon Network, followed by a DVD release. The soundtrack is set to hit streaming platforms on Sept. 3.