Comic-Con 2018: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Shakeover

Bob’s Burgers Shakeover

Bob’s Burgers cosplayers traveled from Comic-Con to Mission Valley to eat and meet the show’s cast.

Stacy Marquez

Shake Shack and FOX’s hit animated show collaborate to bring a bun-derful burger pop-up.

There’s no denying Bob’s Burgers has a presence at this year’s Comic-Con. At any given time, you can spot red horn-rimmed glasses of matriarch Linda or Louise’s pink bunny ears flopping through the streets around San Diego.

For the first time, Bob’s Burgers teamed up with the new Mission Valley Shake Shack to offer fans an unbaguetteable off-site activity only available Friday.

Bob’s Burgers cast

The cast of Fox's Bob's Burgers show off their burgers of the day as part of the show's Shake Shack pop-up.

Stacy Marquez

The Mission Valley restaurant will shuttle fans from downtown to try the Comic-Con burger “The Can I Get Your Slaw-tograph Burger?” which is packed with BBQ pulled pork, American cheese, pickles, jalapeño and scallion slaw. The classic Shake Shack crinkle-cut fries and lemonade are available, as well. For those with dietary needs, there are also vegetarian burgers, gluten-free and dairy-free options. 

The cast of Bob’s Burgers stopped by first thing in the morning to meet fans and sample the burgers. This isn’t the show’s first Comic-Con so the cast tries to find places to see while in San Diego.

Bob’s Burgers Shakeover

Vegetarian and pork burgers were available for guests as part of the Bob's Burgers and Shake Shack pop-up event in Mission Valley.

Stacy Marquez

Eugene Mirman, the voice of Gene Belcher, once ate at Kindred the “goth vegan restaurant” as he put it.

“I’m not vegan, which is fine, but (Kindred) was really great,” said Mirman.

“I like to go for a run when I’m here down by the water, it’s so pretty,” said Kristen Schaal, the voice of Louise Belcher.

For John Roberts, the voice of matriarch Linda Belcher, he prefers to check out the dispensaries San Diego offers as well as browse the hotel bars to meet interesting people.

Bob’s Burgers Shakeover

The Bob's Burgers burger of the day: Can I Have Your Slaw-tograph.

Stacy Marquez

The Comic-Con burger is available for purchase July 21 and 22 during the restaurant’s regular hours but the fan experience is only on Friday.

Look for the Bob’s Burgers decorated buses on the corner of Park Boulevard and Imperial Avenue. Guests are taken 50 at a time. Buses leave hourly through 9 p.m.

Shake Shack: 675 Camino de la Reina, Mission Valley, 619.391.1626,