Comic Relief

Bruce: I didn’t expect to find you hanging around these parts.

Peter: Oh, behave, Mr. Wayne!

Bruce: What tangled web are you weaving tonight, big guy?

Peter: I was thinking about swinging by Comic-Con. Wanna go?

Bruce: No, that place creeps me out. It’s a bunch of wannabes dressed up as cartoons.

Peter: Uh... you might want to chiggity-check yourself, Bruce. And loosen that mask. I think you’re going a little batshi -

Bruce: Easy there, Parker. Don’t make me leave you here. You don’t have a car, remember? Newspaper jobs don’t pay what they used to, huh?

Peter: Whatevs, Batty. I don’t need a car. I’m walking in the Pride Parade with rainbow Wonder Woman... who’s actually Hulk in drag. He looks pretty good in heels, believe it or not.

Bruce: I might catch you guys over there. Either way, I have to pick up my other cape at the cleaners first. I can’t wear this old thing to Opening Day. Afterparty at the cave tonight, ok?

Peter: Yes, dear. Kisses. Love you.

Bruce: TTYS. Bee-tee-dub, those tights don’t make you look fat at all. Promise.

San Diego provides countless opportunities for adventure. Be a superhero at Comic-Con (see Con-Centric), catch a photo finish at Del Mar (see Where It’s Hat), fall in love at Pride (see Along for the Pride) or escape the bustle on a three-day getaway to Catalina (see Isle Be There). Ziplines, bungee jumps, underwater discoveries and more - it’s all inside this Adventure Issue of PacificSD. Let’s get out there!

David Perloff, Editor-in-Chief