You, too, can be Iron Man now that Richard Browning’s jet-powered exosuit is on sale


Inventor Richard Browning had San Diego Comic-Con aflutter last year after showing off his jet-powered exosuit that allowed him to fly, not unlike Marvel superhero Iron Man.

But while the technology now exists for anyone to take to the skies like Tony Stark, only individuals with pockets as deep as the fictitious billionaire will be able to fly so high.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that Browning’s invention is now on sale at Selfridges, a UK luxury department store, for just under $450,000.

Distributed by Gravity Industries, the suit features five miniature jet engines and runs on jet fuel or diesel.

The Times got to see Browning in action at SDCC last year and spoke to him about the reasoning and reality behind his invention. See the magnificent man in his flying machine in the video above.