Step inside ‘Castle Rock’s’ eerie bed and breakfast with star Jane Levy

There are twists and turns around every corner at the hotel, set up at Comic-Con ahead of the Stephen King show’s July 25th debut.


Everyone knows how hard it is to score a hotel room for Comic-Con, but thankfully there’s a new establishment with plenty of vacancies: the Castle Rock Bed and Breakfast.

However, our tour with actress Jane Levy might make you think twice before making that reservation. During Comic-Con 2018, the star of Hulu’s “Castle Rock” series was kind enough to take The Times inside and — spoiler alert — things in Castle Rock aren’t at all what they seem.

Fair warning: Prepare to be spooked by the video above.

Based on the work of Stephen King and produced by the prolific author himself as well as J.J. Abrams, “Castle Rock” is set in a scary small town in Maine bearing the same name where nothing good ever happens. (Just like in this video!)

To get a taste of what the town of Castle Rock has to offer, take the tour above. “Castle Rock” premieres Wednesday on Hulu.

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