Five celebrity pot brands in honor of 420

Mike Tyson has his own marijuana line called Tyson Ranch.
(Tyson Ranch)

One of the fascinating developments of legalized cannabis are the increasing numbers of celebrities with their own brands of the wacky tobacky.

So while social distancing may keep you from toking up with your friends and neighbors, maybe getting high with Willie Nelson or Mike Tyson will take away the sting.

Some of our favorite celebrity cannabis brands include….

Tyson Ranch

So before I tried Mike Tyson’s brand of bud, I imagined I’d be able to describe the effects using all sorts of boxing puns like “It packs a punch!” or “It hit me really hard!”

After taking a few tokes, I realized that wouldn’t work. Tyson Ranch is not a zonk-you-out-on-the-couch type of cannabis. Its effects are more social. I tried it before the coronavirus and found myself having a pleasantly chatty experience with everyone I met.

It’s a great mood lifter and would probably make those Zoom conversations with long lost stoner pals even better.

Willie’s Reserve

Willie Nelson is truly a legend, both with country music and cannabis usage. Thank goodness, Willie’s Reserve is definitely worthy of his reputation.

The effects are mellow, but also creative: I found myself writing song lyrics out on my iPhone while stoned on the Reserve (and, no, none of them were as good as Willie’s).

One caveat: The nuggets are packed very tightly so you need to use a grinder to get the most out of the weed.

Tommy Chong

As with Mike Tyson’s weed, I had preconceived ideas of the potential effects of Tommy Chong’s cannabis.

“It was real giggle weed!”

Truth is, the Tommy Chong pre-roll I sampled was much more cerebral. Both me and my toking partner ended up having a deep conversation about the state of the world and our place in it.

I came away feeling as if I had had a very profound experience. It helped that the draw on the pre-roll was a lot smoother than other pre-rolls I’ve tried.


Although I appreciate the convenience of vapes and how they allow you to sneak hits in places where the odor of flower would be easily detected, typically the effect feels more like a bubble: Stoned on the outside, hollowed on the inside.

That’s not the case with Napalm, a brand of cannabis cartridge that rapper Xzibit is doing with DoubleBarrel.

The device actually holds two cartridges which allows vapers to get twice the hit they’d get with a single cartridge vape. Double your pleasure for sure.

As for the effects? It will zonk you to the couch -- perfect if you’re in the mood to stream television shows that don’t require deep concentration.

Al Harrington

Unless you’re a basketball fan, you may not know Al Harrington, who had a 16-year NBA career. I didn’t.

However, after trying numerous products from his brand, Viola, I walked away impressed with the effects.

Harrington’s cannabis offers body relaxation while opening up the brain’s creativity centers. That’s just a pretentious way of saying I had great dreams, man.

Although the body can develop a tolerance for a certain type of cannabis, I found the effects of Viola have stayed consistent regardless of how much I’ve smoked.