Watch Jason Mraz jam with Fraggle Rock on episode of reboot series, streaming on Apple TV+

Oceanside singer Jason Mraz
(Eric Morgensen)

Oceanside singer Jazon Mraz has been busy “wembling” with the Jim Henson Co.'s characters on “Fraggle Rock: Rock On.” Like the rest of us, the Fraggles are self quarantining (in different caves) in the Muppets-inspired TV series. But the puppet stars are finding ways to have fun together and stay connected through storytelling and singing tunes with a number of real-life celebrities who join them remotely, including Mraz.

On May 19, the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter posted this thank-you on Facebook from down in Fraggle Rock: “Thank you for the lunchtime jam session, Gobo & Wembley!” The casually dressed Mraz, propped up with his guitar against a tree, sang as part of an online trio about “wembling along” with the two puppets on Episode 5 of the Apple TV series.

Local singer Jason Mraz joins the Fraggles on the "Fraggle Rock: Rock On" series on Apple TV in a special episode: "Wembley and Gobo's Mrazmerizing Adventure."
(Courtesy photo)

In the Fraggles’ language, wembling means waffling back and forth without being able to make a decision. Case in point: Wembley has trouble deciding which shirt to wear, although he owns only two shirts, and they are identical.

In April, Mraz released a single, “Look For The Good,” which includes vocals by members of Mesa View Baptist Church choir in Poway. A full album by the same name is due out June 19. The Poway church had organized a March 21 concert featuring Mraz, “Gospel Journeys in Song,” to convey Bible stories through music.