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Snoop Dogg dared to wear a Chargers jersey at his San Diego concert

San Diegans lost the Chargers in 2017 and for some reason Los Angeles-based rappers are making sure they don’t forget it.

First it was Ice Cube, who said of owner Dean Spanos’ decision to move the team up north, “San Diego, please stop sending us your trash.”

Now it’s Snoop Dogg. The pride of Long Beach wore a throwback Chargers jersey to his concert at The Music Box on Wednesday.

And it was definitely a San Diego Chargers jersey because it was the jersey of none other than LaDainian Tomlinson. See for yourself.


It’s hard to believe he would have done this without some thought.

First, Snoop is a huge football guy. He even has his own youth football league. He’s a passionate supporter of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So he should be well aware of the Chargers’ current situation.

Second, he’s from the L.A. area. He’s helped shape and define its culture for decades and is even referred to as “king of the West Coast.”

So what point was he trying to make with the LT jersey? Was he roasting San Diego like Ice Cube did? Or maybe showing some sympathy for the fans left behind with a nod to the past?

This isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has caused a splash in San Diego over an outfit. Back in 2015, he wore SDSU gear to a concert at UCSD.


There is some recent evidence that “Uncle Snoop” isn’t a San Diego hater, at least. According to his Instagram page, he actually spent Christmas on a yacht on the San Diego bay. IN A SAN DIEGO ONESIE! Ok, the “SD” probably stands for Snoop Dogg, but still….


And then there’s this. San Diego’s own Rob Stone says Snoop brought him out on stage at The Music Box on Wednesday.

Anyway, the decision to wear a Chargers jersey in San Diego didn’t go unnoticed.

Here are some direct quotes from the comments on his Instagram posts:

“Chargers moved, wrong house homie”

“Why would you wear a Chargers jersey in San Diego they hate those guys”

“Snoop, thanks for rocking the LT jersey in Dago.. Even though the Chargers not there anymore 21 will always have respect in the SD”


“LT!!!! San Diego Fo Life....”

So much drama in the SD.


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