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  • Arts | Coolture
    Pulling The Strings

    Andy Powers talks about different types of wood the way a sommelier raves about fine wines. An acoustic guitar player, he...

    Catlin DorsetSeptember 27, 2013
  • Feature Stories

    Danyelle Wolf lives up to her last name. Outside the gym, though, she looks more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing...

    Catlin DorsetJune 28, 2013
  • Arts | Coolture
    Moving Pictures

    Inocente Izucar spent most of her childhood homeless. Her dad beat her, until he was deported to Mexico, and her mom...

    Catlin DorsetMarch 27, 2013
  • Arts | Coolture
    Strike APP Pose

    Looking to hone your “downward-facing dog” and other yoga moves? Now available (virtually) via smartphone and tablet, Amy Caldwell may be...

    Catlin DorsetFebruary 25, 2013
  • Feature Stories
    From Hair to Eternity

    When Rob Hammer was four or five years old, his dad took him to an old-fashioned barbershop. He recalls the guys-only...

    Catlin DorsetDecember 28, 2012
  • Arts | Coolture
    Sunny, with Lingering Clouds

    Dagmar Midcap attended a Canadian broadcast journalism school with the goal of becoming an NHL play-by-play announcer. Now, she’s well-versed at...

    Catlin DorsetDecember 28, 2012
  • Arts | Coolture
    Glam on the Run

    In this behind-the-scenes interview, FOX 5's Heather Ford talks about ignoring her father’s advice, her marathon bucket list and a...

    Catlin DorsetNovember 26, 2012
  • Arts | Coolture
    Coming to Terms

    Counting the days until his term expires, Jerry Sanders talks to us candidly about city politics; and muses about his favorite...

    Catlin DorsetOctober 31, 2012
  • Feature Stories
    unEasy Street

    It isn’t America’s finest life for people living on the streets of San Diego. But from college students collecting clothes to...

    Catlin DorsetJuly 24, 2012

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