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  • Feature Stories
    Rock In It

    Spring styles where the beats bloom

    PACIFICApril 18, 2016
  • Travel
    La Mesa masters small town charm

    La Mesa is the ‘burbs. It’s where hipsters from San Diego migrate to start families, and for good reason: the “Jewel...

    DiscoverSD StaffFebruary 6, 2015
  • Arts | Coolture
    Comic-Con party guide

    When the sun sets over Comic-Con 2014, it’s time for the freaks and geeks to come out and play. Here’s your...

    Michelle DederkoJuly 16, 2014
  • Arts | Coolture
    Fashioning Change

    Giving back is the new black, so consider grabbing that good-as-new Gucci and donating it in style. The tax writeoff from...

    Catlin DorsetMay 31, 2014
  • Arts | Coolture
    March Events Calendar

    Spring into March with the OB Kite Festival, Gaslamp Mardi Gras, Siro-A, Busker Festival, Cosmic Run and more!

    Catlin DorsetFebruary 27, 2014
  • Feature Stories
    Smiles Per Hour

    To say that Karina Smirnoff has a full dance card is an understatement. Always at full-throttle, the recent winner (alongside daytime...

    Catlin DorsetAugust 30, 2012
  • Style+Design
    Diss Guys

    Sure, the city’s got lovely weather and a laidback vibe, but that’s not a pass to dress like a schlub. “It’s...

    Catlin DorsetAugust 23, 2012
  • Arts | Coolture
    Get Your Fix

    In the modern era of 21st Century cosmetic surgery, exotic, light-colored eyes become the norm, and a single shot can yield...

    Catlin DorsetJuly 5, 2012
  • Style+Design
    Street Seen

    At the intersection of street and fashion, real San Diego style comes to life. Along Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest, and by...

    Catlin DorsetJune 11, 2012

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