Peter Rowe


Peter joined the U-T in 1984. He has yet to be fired. A native Californian who grew up in Encinitas, Rowe is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Northwestern University. He is past president of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and a former Fulbright scholar. He has won a few journalism awards, but would trade them all for a chance to avenge his 1994 "Jeopardy!" loss. Married to a terrific woman who has saved him from errors in writing and in life, he has three sons. At the U-T, Rowe writes profiles and features and is even paid to review beers, which hardly seems fair.

Recent Articles

  • The beers of fall

    The beers of fall

    While San Diego's climate is renowned, it's not known for brilliant fall colors or crisp autumn days. Still, there's one sure sign of fall's arrival here: wet hop beers. For an expert view on these beverages, PACIFIC tapped Tom Nickel. Not only does he make wet hop beers at Nickel Beer Company...

  • Cans on the run

    Cans on the run

    One problem: The partners lacked the $150,000 to $250,000 needed for a new canning line. One solution: Call Mobile West Canning. Since 2013, Mobile West has loaded a sleek, swift canning line into a truck, then hauled it to breweries in temporary need of its services. "It's a great option for small...

  • Hitting the (beer) books

    Hitting the (beer) books

    Like great beers, great beer books leave you refreshed, stimulated and eager for more. Five volumes to enhance your education and enjoyment: Great Beer Guide (2000), by Michael Jackson Like the musician of the same name, Jackson was a colossus in his field, more or less inventing modern beer writing...

  • Course work: Diving into SDSU's craft beer program

    Course work: Diving into SDSU's craft beer program

    Traditionally an extracurricular college activity, beer has been part of the curriculum at UC San Diego and San Diego State University since 2013. Michael Peacock, 56, an instructor with State's Business of Craft Beer program, explained why beer should be studied and not just drunk. PACIFIC: What's...

  • Study break: Tracking down a good pint on campus

    Study break: Tracking down a good pint on campus

    College is all about learning. So consider this a study guide to the best beer on campus. San Diego State University Best bet: Eureka!, opening in South Campus Plaza, is the glitzy new kid on campus. But three-year-old Oggi's Pizza Express in the Aztec Student Center is determined to remain State's...

  • Booze 101: How to read a beer can

    Booze 101: How to read a beer can

    If you know how to read a label, the package can prep your palate. Consider the info-rich can of Rip Current's Java Storm.   FRONT Name: "Java Storm" sounds like something big and coffee-infused - and, sure enough, "Coffee Imperial Porter" is printed below the name. Name, Part II: Names are regulated...