Peter Rowe


Peter joined the U-T in 1984. He has yet to be fired. A native Californian who grew up in Encinitas, Rowe is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Northwestern University. He is past president of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and a former Fulbright scholar. He has won a few journalism awards, but would trade them all for a chance to avenge his 1994 "Jeopardy!" loss. Married to a terrific woman who has saved him from errors in writing and in life, he has three sons. At the U-T, Rowe writes profiles and features and is even paid to review beers, which hardly seems fair.

Recent Articles

  • Controversy and aesthetics behind beer labels

    Controversy and aesthetics behind beer labels

    What's in a name? Controversy. The names and images emblazoned on some beer labels have disturbed everyone from consumers to regulators. The beer: Santa's Little Helper, an imperial stout from Port Brewing, San Marcos The problem: On the label, Santa Claus and Rudolph raise a toast. "The government...

  • The art of the beer label

    The art of the beer label

      Sean Dominguez is a surfer and artist, not a man of the cloth. Yet, for the past 13 years, he's been a faithful devotee of The Lost Abbey. At this San Marcos brewery, the 49-year-old artist creates labels with images drawn from Bible stories and the history of Christianity.   PACIFIC: You've...

  • Ballast Point expanding to Chicago with new brewery

    Aiming to expand its national footprint, San Diego's Ballast Point today announced plans to open a pilot brewery, restaurant and rooftop bar in Chicago by early 2018. "We're thrilled to bring the San Diego spirit of Ballast Point to such a great beer-drinking city like Chicago," Marty Birkel, Ballast...

  • Coronado Brewing acquires Monkey Paw

    Moving to strengthen its position in the turbulent craft beer industry,  Coronado Brewing Co. is buying  Monkey Paw Brewing Co.. "They do a lot of different, unique beers that we don't usually do," Coronado chief operating officer Brandon Richards said of Monkey Paw, a brewpub in San Diego's  East...

  • Today's forecast: '72 and Hoppy' is San Diego's official beer

    Today's forecast: '72 and Hoppy' is San Diego's official beer

    San Diego has a new year-round weather forecast: sunny, wet and refreshing. On Tuesday, San Diego acquired an official beer - a first for the city and, some maintained, the nation. "This is a unique approach to introducing visitors to our craft beer culture," said Kerri Kapich, chief operating...

  • Modern Times Beer becoming SD's first employee-owned brewery

    Modern Times Beer becoming SD's first employee-owned brewery

    Here's a new twist on the old local-brewery-sells-out story: Modern Times, a four-year-old brewery based in Loma Portal, Friday announced its sale - to its staff, becoming San Diego's first employee-owned brewery. "This is my single proudest achievement as founder & CEO of Modern Times," majority...

  • Meet your maker: Greg Peters of Saint Archer Brewery

    Meet your maker: Greg Peters of Saint Archer Brewery

    Greg Peters, 39, is director of brewing and barreling programs at Saint Archer Brewery in San Diego. Upon joining the Miramar-based brewery in 2014, he launched Tusk & Grain. This series of barrel-aged Saint Archer beers soars on offbeat ingredients and reckless amounts of alcohol. These extreme...

  • Declaration of (brewing) independence

    Declaration of (brewing) independence

    In the course of human events, it became self-evident to Bob Pease that the pursuit of life, liberty and good beer required a declaration of brewing independence. On Tuesday, the  Brewers Association unveiled a way to identify beer from small and independent breweries: a seal that can be slapped...