Luis Gomez


Luis Gomez is an engagement editor with The San Diego Union-Tribune's Ideas & Opinion section. He has been a digital journalist for various news organizations including Yahoo, Southern California Public Radio,, OraTV, and most recently the Institute for Nonprofit News.

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    Cosplay? Here are 10 epic San Diego Comic-Con T-shirts

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    No, it's not Halloween , even if it feels like a national holiday. Yes, the crowds in colorful and intricate costumes in the streets of downtown San Diego are the most charming and visible aspects of the largest comic-book conference in America,  Comic-Con . So what exactly is cosplay? Here's a...

  • Sorry, San Diego. Santa Rosa is America's microbrew capital

    Feel free to disagree, but new research data suggests that San Diego is not the microbrewery capital of America as most of us would like to believe. That title has gone to another California beer haven: Santa Rosa. San Diego finished third in the survey, behind - wait for it - Anchorage, Alaska....