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Artist ‘Made You Look’ with striking women

Artwork from Scott Rohlfs features cleverly distorted, yet strikingly beautiful and captivating women that enthrall the viewer with enlarged eyes, direct gazes.

“Cautionary Tale” is part of “Made You Look” by Scott Rohlfs at Distinction Gallery. (Courtesy Scott Rohlfs)

Scott Rohlfs the 10-year veteran artist of Distinction Gallery recently unveiled his new exhibition of beguiling women called “Made You Look.” Cleverly distorted, yet strikingly beautiful and captivating, the women enthrall the viewer with enlarged eyes and direct gazes. Rohlfs’ women bridge modernism and postmodernism with a fusion of artist personality and a direct invitation for the observer to instill their own thoughts, struggles, and experiences. PACIFIC recently spoke with the artist about the captivating show.


PACIFIC: How did women become your focus?

SCOTT ROHLFS: I had worked on many different things, abstract and such. My wife is beautiful, and I thought, let me try to paint her. Women are a large part of my life, I was raised by a single mom and have beautiful daughters.


Have you always been painter?

Always. I’m self taught, and have been doing it for 12 years. There has been a big change and I’ve grown alot.


Tell us about your artist statement of “fusion of human form and fashion”

It’s especially true with my full body pieces. Fashion is an art in itself.


Who did you look up to in the art world/mentor?

I get inspired by Ron English, I love his colors and how he blends. Also, Sas Christian. She is amazing, she does big eyed and powerful women. And I love Keith Haring and his bold images, and going back, Picasso is my favorite.



The exhibit “Made You Look” from artist Scott Rohlfs will feature this work titled “Future Funk” at Distinction Gallery in Escondido. (Courtesy of Scott Rohlfs)



Where do you pull your inspiration?

It all starts with a model, I have ideas, and I have them do funny faces and poses. I tweak it from there. When I think too hard, it doesn’t come out well.


Your subject’s eyes are penetrating and demand attention. What’s your concept of “The Gaze”?

I’m always looking at eyes, and how the light bounces off. You don’t have to see the mouth to know what someone is feeling. You can look at the eyes and get a feeling at that moment. You get your own impression. I really do want the viewer to make their own interpretation. People will say, “That painting reminds me of…”, and that’s what I want for them…to make their own story out of it.


Your women are beautiful, striking, and elegant, yet distorted. How do you achieve the distortion so effortlessly, and is it always the eyes?

It’s always been the eyes. One time I drew the eyes bigger, it started as an accident and went from there. They make you look at it and think about it, but not as a distraction.


“Made You Look” from Scott Rohlfs at Distinction Gallery in Escondido will feature “Neon Kisses.” (Photo courtesy of Scott Rohlfs)


Where can people find your work?

At Distinction Gallery, in galleries in L.A., Texas, Michigan, the UK, and private collections. One of my biggest honors is that Ron English commissioned me to paint his daughter.


Any news on the horizon?

A few exciting things have been happening. I was contacted by Jenna Jameson, and I went to her house, did a photoshoot, and she hosted my latest L.A. show. And I just did a shoot with a reality TV star, and her top-rated cable show will be filming an episode at the opening on February 11 and I will present her with a painting as a gift.


“Made You Look” runs through March 4.

317 E. Grand Ave., Escondido, 760.707.2770,

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