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Bring the ‘Pagne

Tavern at the beach gives the mimosa a testosterone-fueled makeover

By Brandon Hernández
Photo by Brevin Blach

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and you’re doing barroom calisthenics (i.e., 12-ounce curls, vodka presses, shot puts) with your bros in preparation for the big game. The odds in Vegas are still being finalized, but the odds of your ordering a flute of champagne are already set—at about three million to one. The biggest sporting day of the year is no time to get your man card pulled.

But mimosas taste so good! Man up with a Manmosa at Tavern at the Beach. The Pacific Beach hotspot spikes the classic drink by throwing out the orange juice—and throwing in more alcohol. A brawny brainchild of Tavern managers Dave Franklin and Victor Swircz, the Manmosa sets champagne afloat on a sea of Shock Top (an orange- infused, Belgian-style wheat ale), adding extra kick with orange-flavored vodka.

“It’s like having two drinks at once and it fits into any time of day,” says Swircz.
With potency and the ability to go the distance, this drink has serious crossover appeal. “It’s for dudes for sure,” says Franklin. “But you know the ladies…they always want what they can’t have.”

Tavern at the Beach
1200 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach

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