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Wishful Shrinking

10 restaurants serving delicious food that won’t go to waist

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Quinoa-Sweet Potato Loaf at Urban Solace

The start of a new year is perfect timing for a revamp, whether it’s something significant, like pledging to eat better, or a minor — yet equally crucial — upgrade, like rethinking a hairstyle choice (the man bun isn’t for everyone, guys).

Before you resign yourself to a bland regimen of steamed vegetables and skinless chicken, take a good look at these 10 healthy dishes found at restaurants throughout the city, including better-for-you versions of fat-kid food favorites like pizza, tacos and tortas that make it easy to strike a bargain with a growling stomach and your common sense.


One look at this delightful vegetarian dish ringed with tart and tangy pomegranate glaze is enough to reveal it’s making an honest effort to be healthy without going crazy. Sure, it’s plant-based — and the combo of sweet potato, quinoa and garbanzo beans delivers a mega boost of beta-carotene along with vitamin C and D, protein, magnesium and fiber — but it’s also topped with a pat of compound butter and served with crispy onions and Yukon Gold Jojos (fried potato wedges), securing its place in the comfort-food camp.

Urban Solace
3823 30th St., North Park

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