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Hubba, Hubbell!

And kudos to other sculptors, painters, puppeteers and toymakers showing their work here in February

By Patricia B. Dwyer

James Hubbell, Ancient Gift, photo credit John Durant

James Hubbell: “In Search of Shadows”

James Hubbell is a San Diego artist celebrated for his paintings, stained-glass designs, sculptures and architectural flair. Talk about a multi-tasker. This is the first museum show dedicated to Hubbell’s sculptural work. The exhibit traces the evolution of his artistic life and includes 50-plus pieces that span 50 years.

Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside


© Ed Ruscha. Courtesy of the artist and Gagosian Gallery

Ed Ruscha: “On the Road Photography”

Jack Keroac’s novel On the Road inspired a film starring Kristen Stewart, now playing in a theater near you. The famous Beatnik novel also inspired famed graphic painter Ed Ruscha, whose “On the Road Photography” will be on display alongside a selection of his new paintings and drawings also inspired by the book. Ruscha’s massive mural titled “Brave Men Run in My Family” covers the side of the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.

Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, La Jolla


Scoli Acosta’s “Ten Pentagonal Monochromes (tambourines),” 2009, gesso and graphite on canvas, smashed and burned bottle caps, wood. Private Collection, Paris. © 2009

Scoli Acosta: “Elementalisthmus”

Los Angeles artist Scoli Acosta creates objects that flirt with boundaries between art, sculpture and the everyday. Ultimately, his unique pieces are none of the above. His first solo exhibition in a West Coast museum, “Elementalisthmus” showcases Acosta’s totemic creations, which were influenced by the crafts he encountered in Morocco, and a series of his pentagon-shaped painted canvas tambourines.

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Downtown


“Red Honey Isolophobics” by Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson: “Electric Sugar”

Painter Pamela Wilson (an SDSU grad) describes her show as “a group of paintings about strong women – their fun, their candy and their pain.” Working from staged photographs of her subjects, Wilson uses traditional oil painting methods (think oils and glazes) to create nontraditional images.

Distinction Art Gallery, Escondido


A scene from “The Collector,” a theatrical puppet performance by The Animal Cracker Conspiracy.

Animal Cracker Conspiracy presents “The Collector”

The Animal Cracker Conspiracy puppetry team has performed fun shows for kids, but this is serious programming for adults. Featuring intricate handmade puppets, and backing audio from experimental composer Margaret Noble, “The Collector” tells the story of a (puppet) man confronting his predestined role in society and debating whether to break free.

The Loft at University of California San Diego, La Jolla


“Axel” by MECH1

Custom Toy Art Show: “We’re Not Playin’ Anymore”

Thumbprint Gallery in La Jolla is teaming up with The Spot and toymaker Victor Villa to host this exposition of toys from more than 40 artists who use vinyl, metal, textiles, cardboard, wood and paper. Born in the 1990s, designer toys represent a relatively new art genre, spurred by graphic, illustrated and graffiti artists’ experimentation with the realm of 3D.

The Spot, Barrio Logan

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